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An Online Self Evaluation test for 12th grade/Final year of secondary education/ High school final year/Year 12/Upper Sixth form students.

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  • Subjects covered are ::
    - Physical Science
    - Chemistry
    - Botany
    - Mathematics

  • Salient Features are ::
    - Real hands on experience.
    - A huge collection of more than 3000 question and answers

    - Take the test online and get the results INSTANTLY
    - Correct answers are also displayed.
    - Can Repeat the tests for any number of times.
    - Can take Tests at convenient timing and place.
    - Can Evaluate themselves faster than the conventional methods.
  • How to take the test ?
    Students need to get the key(password) to access the Online Test.
    Try a Free DEMO password or Buy it

Email Contact : guru@schoolexam.info
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